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Results of a randomized controlled effectiveness study of TARGET compared to trauma-informed outpatient addiction treatment have been reported most recently at the 2004 NIH Co-Occurring Disorders Conference (see presentation) and are being prepared for publication by the study principal investigator, Dr. Linda Frisman. The findings indicated that TARGET and trauma informed usual services were equivalent in achieving reductions in depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, post-traumatic cognitions, and substance use which were sustained at an assessment 12-months following entry to the study, and TARGET was superior to trauma informed usual care in sustaining participants' self-efficacy related to addiction recovery.

 Results of open trials of TARGET with more than 50 women in parenting, correctional diversion, residential addictions treatment, and outpatient psychiatry and community mental health programs, and with 20 youths in juvenile justice programs, are being prepared for publication. Preliminary findings indicate a consistent reduction in PTSD symptoms, post-traumatic cognitions, and maladaptive coping, and improvement in self-efficacy and psychosocial functioning following TARGET group or individual treatment (by parent report as well as self-report for youths).

A randomized clinical trial comparing TARGET (conducted on a one-to-one therapy basis for 16 sessions) with a promising alternative treatment (Present Centered Therapy, PCT; see McDonagh-Coyle, Friedman, McHugo, Ford, et al., in press, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology) with low-income mothers of infants who are at risk for victimization or criminal justice involvement, will begin in September 2004 and continue for 3 years. The study will include a novel approach to outcome assessment, daily self-monitoring by interactive voice recall.

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