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TARGET was developed by Julian Ford, Ph.D. for women and men with complex PTSD and chronic mental illness or substance use disorders with extensive input from persons in recovery and therapists, counselors and case management and rehabilitation specialists. Adaptations of TARGET have been developed by Dr. Ford and the TARGET team for preadolescents and adolescents (by Marisol Cruz-St. Juste and Judi DeVoe, as well as by the Long Island Adolescent Trauma Center team), for survivors of domestic violence (by Marianne Hennessey and Eileen Russo), and for individual psychotherapy with adults or older adolescents (by Eileen Russo and Marisol Cruz-St. Juste).

TARGET trainings and consultations are conducted in Connecticut, nationally, and internationally by Julian Ford, Eileen Russo, Marisol Cruz-St. Juste, Marianne Hennesey, and Judi DeVoe. See "Upcoming Trainings" for dates/places of future trainings.


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