logo_small TARGET is a strengths-based approach to education and therapy for trauma survivors who are looking for a safe and practical approach to recovery. TARGET's goal is to help trauma survivors understand how trauma changes the body and brain's normal stress response into an extreme survival-based alarm response. These reactive responses may become "post-traumatic stress disorder" (PTSD). TARGET teaches a practical 7-step set of skills that can be used by trauma survivors to regulate extreme emotion states, to manage intrusive trauma memories, to promote self-efficacy, and to achieve lasting recovery from trauma.

TARGET can be used in education classes, group therapy, individual counseling or therapy, or outreach and case management. TARGET has been translated into Spanish, Hebrew, and Dutch, with adaptations to address people from a variety of national and cultural origins, as well as for deaf individuals.

TARGET has been adapted with materials designed for several specific audiences, including:

  • Survivors, family members, or responders in the wake of acute traumatic violence, accidents, or disaster (TARGET-AT)
  • Adults in outpatient or residential treatment for mental illness (TARGET-RMI) or addiction (TARGET-AR), including men and women who are (1) homeless, or (2) living in publicly subsidized housing, or (3) incarcerated, or (4) re-entering the community following incarceration
  • Parents who have experienced traumatic stress or whose children have experienced trauma (TARGET-P)
  • Adults in recovery from domestic violence (TARGET-DV).
  • Youths who have been victimized by violence, including youths in juvenile justice centers or community programs (TARGET-T).
  • Individual psychotherapy for adult survivors of violence or abuse (TARGET-I)
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